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We guarantee our customers a comprehensive delivery of replacement parts for the operated devices and full scope of guarantee and after-guarantee services.


FPM S.A. is a company with long-lasting industrial tradition and modern technical and production facilities. The history of the plant dates back to the foundry workshop "Huta Waltera" that was established in 1858.

FPM S.A. specializes in the production of machinery and equipment for both Polish and foreign customers such as: electric power plants, heat and power plants as well as for companies which generate electric power for their own needs, e.g. steel mills, coal mines, sugar factories, breweries, cement mills and chemical works.

FPM S.A. also manufactures machines and mechanical equipment as well as steel structures basing on:

 - technical documentation elaborated on the base of technical layout data received from the Client,
 - technical documentation entrusted to us by the Client.

ul. Towarowa 11
43-190 Mikołów

tel. +48 32/ 737 90 00
fax +48 32/ 737 91 11

e-mail: zarzad@fpmsa.coml, handel@fpmsa.com